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As of early April, all of Perla's concerts and sessions are either canceled or postponed indefinitely. This means her performance and recording revenue, the bulk of any touring musicians' annual income, has effectively evaporated.

If you are in the position to contribute any amount at all, Perla will include you in future exclusive monthly emails to receive song downloads, original artwork, private videos, songs in progress and more.

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Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Perla Batalla consistently earns critical acclaim for her unique voice and culture-merging compositions.  Formerly a Leonard Cohen back-up singer, the Los Angeles born vocalist launched her solo career with Cohen’s encouragement. Since then she’s recorded seven albums, been featured in films and television, and taken her unique sound on tour in some of the most prestigious venues around the world. The L.A. times writes, “Batalla is comfortable in both English and Spanish, proud of her mestiza heritage, musically adventurous and always accompanied by impeccable performers…. above all, she is a born storyteller with a rambunctious sense of humor.” 
Perla was born in Los Angeles, California, to a family immersed in music; her father, a Mexican singer and radio personality, and an Argentine mother who ran a bustling record store called Discoteca Batalla. At the family record shop, literally at her Mother's knee, Perla was exposed to an education of non-stop music that cut across genre and language. While her far-ranging influences are reflected in the eclectic choices of songs she writes, arranges and performs today, it is that voice that brings each song to a new light. 

Perla Batalla’s mission of honoring her roots and exposing young audiences to the beauty of music and the Spanish language is ongoing in her outreach endeavors throughout some of the poorest communities in the United States. She is the recipient of the United Nation’s Earth Charter Award for “extraordinary devotion to social and economic justice” and the Premio Fronterizo Award for “healing work in the world”. 

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Previous events

Atlanta, GA - Cancelled due to Coronavirus

The Breman Museum

New York, NY - Cancelled due to Coronavirus

The Town Hall

Perla Batalla in the House of Cohen. As part of LiveClimate's Music with a Mission Series, EARTHCONCERTS

Los Angeles, CA - Cancelled due to Coronavirus

The Theater at Ace Hotel

Perla Batalla's "Discoteca Batalla". Throughout the 60s and 70s Discoteca Batalla was a well-known landmark in the Latino community in Venice, California. This mom and pop discoteca (Spanish for record store) was a haven for desperately homesick immigrants from all over Mexico and Latin America. It was a spot to gather, exchange news from home, buy the latest Spanish language pop exitos or maybe just enjoy sweet coffee and pan dulce with the proprietors, Barbara and Jorge Batalla. Jorge was a singer and radio D.J. He knew the lyrics to every traditional Spanish language song ever written. His wife, Barbara hand wrote letters home for the working men and women separated for years at a time from their families. Perla Batalla is their daughter—a singer best known for her decade-long work with Leonard Cohen, as well as with such artists as Lou Reed, Sonny Rollins, k.d. lang, Rufus Wainwright, Jackson Browne and Laurie Anderson. While the record store closed its doors over 40 years ago, the experiences and stories shared there are part of L.A.’s heritage. Batalla’s new work, Discoteca Batalla, is an homage to this long lost moment in time.

Ventura, CA - Cancelled due to Coronavirus

The Museum of Ventura County

Focus on the Masters; A Conversation with Perla Batalla. FOTM selects ten artists each year to receive in-depth documentation. The documentation consists of an extensive oral history; the collection of printed material, publications and ephemera; and, a visual library of the artists’ work. All of the documentation culminates in a videotaped monthly Artist Spotlight, interview conducted before a live audience.

Artists are selected for this honor because they have; -Demonstrated mastery of their craft; -Gained the respect of their peers -Contributed to the development of the arts in Ventura County and beyond.

San Francisco

Historic Presidio Theater, 99 Moraga Avenue, San Francisco Presidio

Perla Batalla in the House of Cohen

Perla Batalla

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